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Inha University College of Business Administration (CBA) educates students to lead the next-generation society and to play an important part in the development of the nation and community. College of Business Administration has three specialized divisions: Division of Business Administration, Division of Global Finance and Banking, and the Asia Pacific School of Logistics.

Incorporating general understanding of business administration, each division reflects the unique characteristics of the subject and major to help and enable students to cultivate specialized knowledge and compete in the global managerial environment. In addition, CBA endeavor customized educations by providing career advice and management during university years as well as after graduation through close academic-industrial cooperation putting practices combined with theory.


Division of Business Administration uses its competence to nurture progressive and creative talents who can display their general thoughts and abilities in the age of global competition. Our faculty and whole members of college are supporting them to cultivate their specialized abilities through problem-solving ability, decision-making ability, academic theory and the case study on enterprises, etc. so that they can leap as the global managers.

Goal 1: Functional Knowledge
ㆍ Understand factual knowledge (such as terminology, methods, trends, and classifications) of each major discipline
ㆍ Understand and appreciate the principles and role of each major discipline and the interrelationships of these
    disciplines within a strategic business framework
Goal 3: Communications Skills
ㆍ Be able to work with others in diverse and cross-functional environments and to both follow and to lead as the need arises
ㆍ Articulate and deliver ideas clearly and coherently in both oral and written forms
ㆍ Demonstrate proficiency in the use of information technology
Goal 5: Ethical Awareness
ㆍ Recognize ethical problems that occur at the strategic level of business decision making and outline ethical issues,
     stakeholders and potential conflicts of interest
ㆍ Be aware of their general ethical responsibilities to clients, customers, employers, and the environment as
     well as the specific ethical standards of their profession
Goal 4: Global Awareness
ㆍ Recognize and evaluate the global and cultural diversity issues that impact business decision making
ㆍ Analyze the impact of global business issues on specific management situations
ㆍ Assess the implications of ethnic and cultural diversity for effective decision making
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