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Public Transportation


How to get to Inha University from lncheon International Airport




Taxi Stop to Incheon (at the airport) No. 20

Fare : approx. 50,000 won(approx. US $50)

Once you clear customs, and exit the main terminal, go to taxi stop No. 20 where there are taxis that will go to Incheon. It will take less than 1 hour to get to Inha university.

Seated Bus

Bus Number: 111

Bus Stop (at the airport): 2B, or 9A

Fare: 3,000 won (approx. US $3)

10 min interval It

will take around 90 minutes to get to the University. You will be able to get off the bus at the Main Gate of Inha University.

Bus Stop (at the airport): 4A, or 10A

Fare: 6,500 won (approx. US$6.50)

25~30 min interval

It will take 60 minutes to get to Juan Station. This subway station is the closest to Inha University, and from Juan Station you will be able to take the free shuttle bus to Inha University.

* To take the free shuttle bus from Juan Station to Inha University

Once you get off the limousine bus, go down to the underground shopping mall and go to gate number 9. From this gate walk straight for about 100 meters, you will then see a sign for the bus. The bus runs Monday through Friday except during vacations.

5 min interval (AM 08:00 - 11:00) - From Juan Station to School

30 min interval (PM 01:00 - 04:00) - From School to Juan Station

5-10 min interval (PM 04:00 - 19:30) - From School to Juan Station

Places to Stay

Ramada Songdo Hotel

812 Dongchoon-Dong, Yeonsu-Gu. Incheon, Korea.

Tel: 032-832-2000 Fax: 032-832-1325

Paradise Hotel

3-2, 1-Ga Hang-Dong, Joong-Gu. Incheon, Korea.

Tel: 032-452-8280 Fax: 032-762-5911

Hyatt Regency Incheon

2850 Woonseo-Dong, Jung-Gu. Incheon, Korea.

Tel: 032-745-1234 Fax: 032-745-1010

Free shuttle bus at gate 13B, 1st floor of the airport. Interval: 15min.

Campus Map

Campus Map Global Finance and Banking College of Business Administration / Office: Building #6-222 / Phone : (032)860-7730 / Fax : (032) 866-6877 / E-mail: